Epic worked closely with A4L on an aggressive timeline to build a strong strategic and creative platform for the introduction of the technology platform, Agilytics™, and lead product, CorVista™, that included names and a story for each, branding, and a new website. The quote from Don Crawford, President and CEO of A4L, below was sent to the entire A4L and Epic team when it was announced the website was ready to go live.

“Great job and kudos to the team!! We are now in the World’s eye as never before. From here we have a launching pad that will take us to places never imagined.”

Don Crawford, President and CEO of A4L

The Bodyguard
Saol Therapeutics
Quote - Clients Speak
Quote - Clients Speak
Quote - Clients Speak

Stories build belief

Storytelling is how we articulate the brand in human terms. It reveals the relevant and compelling connection between a brand and its customers. And it sparks belief that ultimately changes behavior. As marketers, we can choose to make the story interesting and informational, or we can decide to make it epic.

Stories build through a process

We all start with a blank page. Before making a single mark, we collect the data, essential information that allows us to make the very best choices in planning the correct approach in crafting the strongest story.

Stories build success

When research guides the message and is written and designed to influence in a highly personalized manner, a story will resonate with a commanding voice that will create sustainable results.

Stories need to evolve

The story we tell today could very well be the first volume of a long run for your brand. Through examining the future possibilities of the therapies, we can begin to envision the opportunities the brand may have as it matures and create campaigns that allow for expansion.

Stories begin when you begin

Every drug or medical device has a three-part story that begins with the science, evolves into the clinical, and ultimately becomes the story from which you launch, or the commercial story. Epic has been an effective partner in assisting across this continuum.

Stories told in one voice

Although various audiences have unique information requirementsconcerning your product, Epic provides unified solutions that are expansive in their ability to address diverse concerns while upholding brand identity.

Stories developed through a discipline

At Epic, we deploy a thorough process in translating the positioning to the ultimate campaign, exploring every attribute of the brand and its potential relationship with the audience.

Stories told by masters

There is no “B” team here at Epic. Every one that is part of our team has a rich history of success that is evident in all that we do. Experience is our greatest asset.

Stories of current importance

Thought leadership can both validate the path we’ve chosen in our marketing efforts or inspire us to think beyond what we considered possible.