Your strongest value proposition can be achieved by initiating collaboration between R&D and Marketing in the design of Phase III trials. We help you do that.

Traditional product launches focus on efficacy and safety targeted to prescribers. Once product demand is strong enough with prescribers, companies hope the acceptance and uptake with payers aligns with their goals. This sequential establishment of a value proposition needs to change. Products need to be launched with a complete value proposition that resonates with clinicians as well as payers, bringing them together.

Epic Bridge™ was designed to help you “begin with the end in mind.” By developing a value proposition for the product that uniquely addresses an unmet need within the marketplace prior to Phase III trials, studies can be designed and/or adjusted to best deliver findings that support a Brand Story that you want to tell at launch. Epic Bridge™ gives the company its best chance for commercial success upon launch.

Epic Bridge™ provides the core deliverables that help ensure you are designing a Phase III program that fully supports the desired Brand Story. These deliverables are essential to bring marketers and researchers together to deliver on a program that will help win over the naysayers, the investors, the analysts and help align clinicians and payers at launch.